March 4, 2010

Family Band are coming here.

We're pleased to announce that we'll be playing a show on March 13th at Double Double Land, which is 209 Augusta. Even happier to say that our great friends Family Band are going to be there, along with our own family, Castlemusic. It's all blood.

It's an early show. Doors at 8pm. Five bucks. We're playing in a new incarnation to psych you out.

Here is how rad Family Band is:

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dandy said...

I was at this show, having never heard you all before. It was great, super, the crowd was annoying but the performance was so engaging. Now that i have the album, i can`t stop listening to it, over and over again. Jeez, it`s so good, thanks a million, hey? Gotta see you next time you`re in Montreal.