November 22, 2010

Location Location

As I write this blog post a warm november rain falls. doom. I am trapped here until we finish our record. I will give you little more context than that, simply because it is boring and the point of me writing is this: Two shows are coming up in December, one very different from the other.

The first is a trio show, featuring Simone, Ian and Stew, on December 10. We're kicking it old school at the Tranzac and the money goes toward saving the Tranzac. It's with the Pining, and if you're the kind of person who hates our big shows at the loud bars, come to this.

The second is a full band the following day, Dec 11 at the Canadian Corps. The Canadian Corps has been a cheap and stylish venue for many of Toronto's funnest times over the years. It's been host to many good times, including Ian's Cancer Beat party, a great Tropics show, and one really crummy party for my 20th birthday which was a valiant effort on my friends' parts but sort of blew because it was a 5 person joint party and we didn't all know each other very well. Who knows why a party goes bad? Any how, that party's in the past, and so will the Canadian Corps soon, as it has been sold. Luckily Colonel Tom of Lickin' Good Fried and Backstabbers fame has asked us to play a show and have one last gas there, so you can come to that and see a reunited Backstabbers set. (big deal)

We, as a band, will probably not be playing any more shows until we put out our new record. If you like us, come to this.