September 30, 2008


And in other NEWS...

Our drummer Dave Clarke has a brand-spanking new baby boy now.
His name is Sonny!

September 29, 2008


So we recorded two songs yesterday at the Rogue studio in Toronto for the first installment of the Regional 7". Side a is a song called 14th Floor and the b side is a song called Migrant Workers. Owen Pallet did some MZNG fiddle on Migrant Workers and the session was recorded by our very own Stew Crookes. The release is going to be on Blocks in early December. The subject matter of both songs is pretty obvious but in case you're totally clueless here is a hint.


September 19, 2008

in case you were wondering...

... our biggest influence for the album, Forest of Tears, was actually the roleplaying game Forest of Tears based on the works of J.R.R Tolkien. Contrary to popular belief that we have been friends and played music together for years, we actually all met in Quebec city at a conference for said game. Songs like No Great Leap are not about the monotony of work like reviewers say. Its about rescuing a princess from a dragon in middle earth. We thought it was pretty obvious but apparently you guys don't get it. Try reading a book sometime. GAWD

September 15, 2008


THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 18 - PETERBOROUGH w/ Weird Weather + the Burning Hell
at Montreal House
FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 19 - KINGSTON w/ Weather Station at the Artel
SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 20 - GUELPH w/ the Burning Hell for Kazoo Fest at the Family Thrift Store

September 9, 2008

Field of Dreams

The Sandwich.

Websters defines it as two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish, cheese, etc., between each pair. But most of us know is as an easy and delicious choice when faced with that dreaded duo hunger and apathy. It is the most important food in almost every culture on the earth. Walk any street in any city in the world and ask aloud: "Does anyone want a sandwich?" and you will see that everyone rich and poor alike does want a sandwich. Songs have been written about it. Great art. Poetry. It's in the Bible! The average north american eats roughly 3 to 4 sandwiches a day. Chances are it was your first food as a baby and it'll most likely be the last thing you eat. You may be eating one right now.

To celebrate this most omnipresent of cuisines I will be eating my 100,001st sandwich at 7pm saturday night in the basement of Sonic Boom(huge record store next to the bloor cinema). Entertainment will be provided by Castlemusic and $100. Please join us in this historic event. Feel free to pack one for yourself. You probably already have.

Always Yours,
Ian Russell

September 8, 2008

Really Messed Up

For about five days in late August 820 CHAM Hamilton's Country legend played only christmas music, intermittently playing a little vocal tag saying "listen to 820 CHAM at 820 on September 2nd!" Since that time, 820 CHAM has been turned to talk 820. For more information about this transition, you can look here.

I do not know how to go about my days. 95.3 isn't working for me- 820's mix of old country and new country, and all in between really drew me in. I was guaranteed "Four Strong Winds" atleast once a day, and usually a little "Rainy Day People." Now it is all Brooks and Dunn, and I find it hard to focus at my work.

I feel defeated- I know there is no way that 820 CHAM is coming back, but WTF? Do we really need more talk radio?

820 CHAM is dead to me.


September 2, 2008


We're gonna be playing with the whole band on September 13th at Sonic Boom in the afternoon, with castlemusic. It STARTS AT 7, is free and kids are welcome.