August 23, 2008

Gulag's Close Textual Analysis

Our friend Gulag, from Fucked Up did a close textual analysis of the song "No Great Leap" on the website Paper Thin Walls.
Check it out.

August 21, 2008


July 25th saw a packed Horseshoe Tavern for our record release. Here is a good descriptive review of the show from a member of the general public. Thanks SonjaBelow are some pictures courtesy of Rick White & Julie Faught.
Jonathan Adjemian, Ian Russell

Ian Russell, Stew Crookes, Simone Schmidt

Special Guest Matt Mason of Anagram
Ian Russell, Paul Mortimer, Stew Crookes, Simone Schmidt

Missing from the photos: Dave Drums Clarke. See below with Julie Faught.

August 11, 2008

Pulitzer and Hearst They Think They Got Us

Here is the press we garnered earlier this month for the album release party for

The footage above is slowed down so you can learn the dance.

Retroactive tour blog

OTTAWA- the Toronto that couldn't. The city with no rocks but a lot of good targets. The place with a bar called cafe Deckuf where they don't give you any beer tickets.
$100 went on a really short tour where we played 3 shows. Here is an image of the last show we played with Quest for Fire & Deloro, courtesy of Tina. We also went to SAPPY FEST which was HYPE. And Montreal. Retrospectives on these will be along soon.