August 13, 2009


Footage Courtesy of Em at here. Shortly after this very footage was taken, Paul blew chunks and had to lie down in the car until 4 am when we returned to Toronto. There's a bug going round.

Anyway, we're about to go out for another few dates, this time with our bros Sunbear and Carolyn Mark. Just Simone, Ian and Paul in the line-up. We'll be on first:

Mon, Aug 17th- THE MANSION- Kingston, ON

Tues, Aug 18th- THE GREEN ROOM- Montreal, QC

Wed, Aug 19th- THE HORSESHOE TAVERN- Toronto, ON

Thurs, Aug 20- THE STARLIGHT LOUNGE- Waterloo, ON.

Fri, Aug 21- THE GREEN BOTTLE- Oshawa, ON

Sat, Aug 22- THE CASBAH- Hamilton, ON

Sun, Aug 23- VAN GOGH'S EAR- Guelph, ON

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