March 27, 2009

Comeau, Michael and Azzopardi, Tara

If you live in Toronto Ontario Canada, you're lucky today. The sun is smiling down, it's teeth blinging rays on the greyness that's been for half a year, disappearing the cold. Look to a vicious Spring, as insidious and all pervasive as its predecessor, the name of whom we need no longer curse.

If you live in Toronto, take time to check out a bit of Michael Comeau and Tara Azzopardi's work at this gallery, where there is a group show. If you live here, you probably have Michael and Tara's work for ages on the streets for years- Michael's the printer who's inspired a generation of new printers and new work from these new generations of kids who are drawing like him and printing around town - but his shows are less frequent than many and he isn't mangled in the interweb by his own intent, and so it's lucky to be in his real physical vicinity, for you get to see it all in real life, vivid, and really weird. Tara Azzopardi's drawings are beautiful and creepy, and the ones shown are in part drawn from the Missed Connections section of craigslist. She's more on the net so if you're into it search her. As if you want my words to describe visual art. snore. Go look.

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