September 8, 2008

Really Messed Up

For about five days in late August 820 CHAM Hamilton's Country legend played only christmas music, intermittently playing a little vocal tag saying "listen to 820 CHAM at 820 on September 2nd!" Since that time, 820 CHAM has been turned to talk 820. For more information about this transition, you can look here.

I do not know how to go about my days. 95.3 isn't working for me- 820's mix of old country and new country, and all in between really drew me in. I was guaranteed "Four Strong Winds" atleast once a day, and usually a little "Rainy Day People." Now it is all Brooks and Dunn, and I find it hard to focus at my work.

I feel defeated- I know there is no way that 820 CHAM is coming back, but WTF? Do we really need more talk radio?

820 CHAM is dead to me.



Jesjit said...

a tragedy

jeeves said...

I totally hear ya on that one. It was always great late at night to hear Patsy Cline come over the airwaves as I sat in the dark. Hopefully they'll see the error in their ways and restore 820 CHAM back to its old glory.